Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster Usp

Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster Usp


Features Adequate Adhesion for all Skin Types and for all Climatic Conditions, Adhesive Suitably Formulated to Ensure Minimum Skin Irritation., Easy Release
Application Surgical Dressing
Material Cloth Tape
Bandage Size 5, 10 meter
Quality Best
Type Medical Adhesive

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Plastic Spool and Metal Sleeve Pack

Size Quantity per inner box Quantity per shipper
1.25cm X 1m 60 1080 spools
2.50cm X 1m 40 720 Spools
1.25cm X5m 50 300 Spools
2.5cm X 5m 30 180 Spools
5.0cm X 5m 20 120 Spools
7.50cm X 5m 10 80 Spools
10.0cm X 5m 10 60 Spools

Economy Pack, in Composite Containers

Size No. of Spools per tube Quantity per shipper
2.5cm X 10m 12 25 Tubes
5.0cm X 10m 6 25 Tubes
7.5cm X10m 4 25 Tubes
10.0cm X 10m 3 25 Tubes

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